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Inspire the World!

I often wonder, do I kiss my husband more or the microphone?

Haha.. I have been in the recording studio & be on the stage since the tender age of 10.. I know to speak up, and shine bright, are my mission in life. Speaking is my talent and passion. Stage is my coliseum to embrace the values in me. If there isn't a stage in this world one day.. please, also remove me from the earth.

At the age of 30, I was supposed to get married and start my family. But I have decided to leave everything with me and pick up the passion in my blood, bone & soul and start my journey. I am sure, my days will be ended in the applause, on the dazzling stage.

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What's In for You?

Vivid, Vigorous, Versatile

I have a dream. I don't live to survive, I thrive! I always believe one must live life with passion. My mission is to bring happiness to people around, bring memories to the guests as I am on my stage, and be able to help others to build their stage.

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Since 2009


A professional wedding & event emcee extraordinaire who had hosted more than  1, 000 weddings & corporate events since 2009! MC JO is good in engaging audience, conducting fun games and she even sings to entertain. Served wedding couples from all over the world, traveled to Europe & Asian countries for events!

Since 2013


In 2016, MC JO Academy was established to train emcees. The Academy has won Malaysia Book of Record (most number of emcee graduates 2020). It also collaborates with Lincoln University Collage for Professional Development Certifications. The academy is now famous of it's new online course in teaching effective live streaming techniques.

Since 2020

Live Host Ambassador

With her eloquence in hosting virtual events, coupled with her in-depth knowledge about running an effective live stream, MC JO has ventured into live host ambassador where she will golive together with the spokesperson of the company in helping to build the brand exposure.

"Give me a STAGE and I will make it ALIVE"


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Why MC JO?

multilingual, multitalented, multifaceted

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Wedding Events

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A professional wedding emcee extraordinaire who had hosted more than  1, 000 weddings since 2009! 

Also well-versed in ROM Ceremony, Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony, and Sword Ceremony!

MC JO is good in engaging audience, conducting fun games and she even sings to entertain.

Served wedding couples from all over Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Korea, US, UK, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Italy, France, Germany, Scotland and many more!

Corporate Events


An ALL ROUNDED &  MULTIFACETED stage performer with multiple aptitudes in emceeing, singing, march in gambit, group dance, and playing games!

Fluent in multiple languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hockien and Malay.

Traveled to Prague, Turkey, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia for events!

Virtual Events

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The irresistible and versatile live show host! With her vast experience in emceeing, MC JO is good in engaging audience, witty in response, sharp in content development. Served international clients over the years, and plenty of FB Live Show during the MCO period! Work well, speak well, dress well, that's her way of professionalism.

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Do what you Love
Love what you Do

That's everything about living a passionate life.

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