Quick Facts
Full Name: Jocelyn Lim Hym Voon
Club Name: Great Castle MandarinToastmasters Club (00009466, District 51, Area R2); Damansara Mandarin Toastmasters Club (04795666,  District 51, Area R2);and PJ Toastmasters Club (01285147, District 102, Area D3).

Joining Date: Apr 2010

Reason for Joining Toastmasters: I joined Toastmasters back in 2010. My first club was AFC Toastmasters Club, an English community Club. I am currently holding three club memberships, they are Great Castle Mandarin Toastmasters Club, Damansara Mandarin Toastmasters Club and PJ Toastmasters Club. I have been actively taking part in stage performances ever since my primary school days, mainly as an emcee. After having graduated from USM Penang, I came back to my hometown in KL and I was looking for an organization for me to continue to polish my skills. Through my friend, I found Toastmasters International.

Profession: I am a professional event emcee, mainly in wedding functions and company dinner and dance.

Interesting or little-known fact about Jocelyn: I am a cheerful lady, full of passion and faith in my work and life. I love to learn new things and at the same thing keep improving myself. I take up vocal class and English class to ensure that I deliver consistent high quality job every time when I take on the stage. Through the mentoring system in Toastmasters, I learnt that the best way to learn is to teach, so I started my emcee training academy (MC JO Academy) in 2016. As of now, I have got more than 50 students. I have also formed my own wedding emcee team as a reliably strong force in the wedding industry.

Hobbies and Interests Outside of Toastmasters: I love travelling. Unlike ordinary working people, in our industry, our working days are over the weekends. That requires big sacrifices especially quality reunion time with our family members. So when it comes to the low peak seasons, usually April every year, I will take this opportunity to bring my parents to travel around. I also like food hunting too; savoring nice food is one of the biggest satisfactions in my hustling and bustling life.

The Most Useful Thing Gained from Toastmasters:
“Never Give Up” – I love contesting and I hardly miss any chance to participate in a contest. Deep inside, I know that it’s only through taking part in contests that one will force their selves out of their comfort zone and improve constantly and tremendously. There’s only one winner for every contest, and only the winner can continue to the next level. I take every opportunity given as a learning lesson, it allows me to unlearn, learn and relearn, as the famous saying goes, “what does not kill you makes you stronger.” On top of that I believe in “Give and Take.” In Toastmasters, I learn selfless sharing. It’s only when we share selflessly and sincerely, we will gain what we want from others. Life is like a boomerang. What you send out, comes back to you.

Winner Toastmaster

1. Congratulations on winning the District 51 Mandarin International Speech and Table Topics Contests 2017! How did it feel when you found out you had won both contests?
Thank you! I was surprised and flattered! I was very nervous and couldn’t sleep well the night before, and I found that I was the only one who took part in both contests. The stress was extreme. Moreover, the time gap between International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest was too short, and I was the last contestant in International Speech Contest and the first contestant in Table Topics Contest. Everything happened so fast, it felt like the whole thing was over in a blink of an eye. Thank God, I won in both contests.

2. Who, or what, inspired you to enter both contests?
My mentors, my friends, my family, and my loved ones.

3. For the benefit of our members who missed the contest, please share with them about your winning speech “ 玉不琢不成器” (Discover and Polish the Diamond in You) and the takeaway message.
Nothing comes easy in life. Behind every successful man, there must be a painful and winding journey. Every winner comes a long way. “One must be shaped to succeed”, this quote tells us to never fear, neither challenges nor failures. They are the keys to success, accept them, embrace them, learn from them and let them be the stepping stones in our lives. When we have reached a high level in our lives, don’t forget our roots. Always be humble and remember where we came from.

4. Some contestants would deliver the same speech from club level to district level and some would deliver different speeches. What was your strategy, and why?
I choose to deliver the same speech from club level to district level. Firstly it’s because of the limited time from contest to contest; secondly, it’s too risky to change the subject matter especially since I am unsure if it will be well accepted by the audience, as well as my previous speeches. It’s not a trial-error strategy in the contest; we must do things which we are confident and proficient in. Nevertheless, I would fine tune the speech and add new elements into the same speech. This is to keep the speech fresh and refreshing, at the same time impart some surprising elements to the same audience who has listened to it many times.

5. The Mandarin International Speech contest is a challenging contest. If the audience is not constantly engaged with your speech, then your message about turning a “stone” into a “jade” would not turn out well.
You are right, that’s why I added “one must be shaped to succeed” to make sure everyone knows what I was talking about. I also paced and paused properly to make sure the audience followed my story well.

6. At the same time, you had to sharpen your impromptu speaking skill for the Table Topics Contest. What challenges did you have and how did you overcome them?
My challenge was the focus point. It was very challenging to take care of both contests at the same time. So, practicing in the regular club meetings is something important and beneficially which we cannot neglect. Table topics requires extensive experience and it’s not something you can prepare last minute and continuous practice is the key. My motto in my emcee job, public speaking, contest or even anything in life is 3Ps – Prepare, Practice, and Perform. Besides that, keep your mind clear and be cautious. Another factor which may be a tiny thing to some, but which is crucial for me – that is to have enough rest before the contest.

7. Your topic was “四海之内皆兄弟” (Everyone is Your Friend) What was your strategy, and why in answering the topic?
I thought a twist in answering the table topics could create a surprise element for the judges in order to impress them. I have had that idea in mind before taking the stage. So I started with the content which goes with the flow of the topics and in the middle of it, I made a sudden and unexpected statement. 四海 之内皆兄弟 means one has many friends all over the world. With the help of technology especially social media platform, this is not hard to achieve. But a friend in need is a friend indeed, although we could have huge number of friends in our social media account, but those among whom we can sit at the table and chat for hours, and those who always find time and make effort to lend a helping hand when we need, are the ones we should appreciate. When we have these friends and loved ones around us, we should spend quality time with them, and not get distracted with minor details nor divert our attention to our mobile phones.

8. What advice would you give to future Mandarin International Speech and Table Topics contestants?
Practice (the right thing and right way) makes perfect, don’t only practice giving a speech, but always volunteer to be the first speaker, as it takes extra courage to do this, which will go a long way to shape up your entire package – your skill set, fighting attitude, and robust mettle.

9. What are you hoping to achieve next?
I wish to represent Malaysia in the next 华夏风情冠中冠 (HuaXiaFengQing Public Speaking) contest.