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It’s More Than MC

I don’t believe an emcee is just a figure standing on the stage, mastering the ceremony. Anything more than that is called “out of my jobscope”.
I buy perfect stage performance is the result of unconquerable teamwork! Behind the scene is always the support for the shining stars on the stage. I am a hands-on person who will participate actively in program enhancing, ideas brainstorming and event day coordination.

Why MC JO?

  1. Eloquent in multiple languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hockien & Malay)
  2. Flexible stage appearance ( cool-calm, elegant-feminine, flambouyant-stylish, etc…)
  3. Multi-talented: dancealong, singalong, gamealong!
  4. Boundless confidence & energy
  5. Altruistic &  chargeable
  6. Boundless confidence & energy!
  7. Professionalism built through vast experiences!

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